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Amended Tax Returns

Common reasons why you may need to amend your taxes:

  • Received a penalty letter or a tax assessment letter from the IRS or any state
  • Realized you accidentally forgot to report 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, K-1, 1099-MISC or any other type of income
  • Realized you qualify for a tax credit or deduction and would like to get your refund. Note: refunds are only allowed for three years, so act fast!


Schedule a FREE consultation to see if you need to amend your taxes. We’ll let you know and offer help if you’re interested.

Common client questions:

  • How quickly does a refund come through for amended returns?
  • If I am being audited, how long does that take to resolve with an amended return?
  • How quickly should I act when I find out an amendment is necessary?


Items that your CPA will ask forĀ in order to amend your return:

  • Prior year tax return, if available
  • Possibly your IRS transcript from prior years (ask us how to obtain)
  • List of changes you need to make
  • Updated address, if relevant


How to find the appropriate accountant:

  • First of all, most persons advertising accounting services are not actually a licensed CPA. Please check that the firm is licensed. We are licensed & registered for business in all 50 states and support amendments for all states
  • Make sure your accountant has expertise in the given change. Please feel free to give us a call directly at 833-829-1120 to discuss. We are happy to assist. Email is also optimal at george@dimovtax.com