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Here at George Dimov, CPA, we know it can be taxing on any new business to stack up against fierce competition in harsh economic times. That’s why we’re here to help! We offer premium tax and accounting services in NYC for individuals and businesses. We have the capacity to handle any and all of your tax and accounting issues at all levels of complexity. We help you optimize your backend accounting processes so you can focus on growing faster, stronger and better for the future!

In recognition of our success and dedication to our clients we’ve been named among the top accounting firms by Clutch, a verified ratings and reviews authority. They leverage a one of a kind ranking formula to compare and contrast leaders across a number of service sectors worldwide. Clutch’s findings help interested buyers find new partners for their latest business projects.

We couldn’t have earned this distinction without the help of our wonderful clients. They took time to engage with Clutch in a 15- minute review call to recount how we perform on a number of crucial business parameters. We were graded on our quality of deliverables, customer service ability, scheduling capabilities, project management acumen, and overall pricing in relation to market value. Then, those thoughts were placed on a scale of 1-5 stars, and a transcript was published to our Clutch profile. We’re happy to report we’ve earned a lovely five out of five stars based on that feedback. Take a look at our most recent review below:

Feedback is crucial to our operations and continued success. It helps us keep up with the times and make sure our offering is as strong as possible. Clutch reviews are one of our favorite forms of client feedback, since they detail every inch of our customer engagements. A thorough, case-study like review always gives our potential clients peace of mind that they’re making the right decision in working with us.

The Manifest, Clutch’s sister site, is another place online where you can see just how highly we stack up against the competition. It’s a B2B business data and how-to site where you can gauge how well a vendor will perform based on metrics about their performance. We were recently featured on The Manifest among the Top Accounting Firms on their financial consulting directory page!