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Absolutely. As easy as it is to order food on seamless, you can work with your CPA virtually without having to ever speak with them. For instance, my largest clients are in California, Texas, Illinois, Florida, and New Jersey, yet I still maintain a practice in New York City.

Most of these clients come from a variety of sources, usually referrals, and will shoot me a text. I have completed entire 80-page complex returns using information sent with iMessage, for example. This is not only the easiest way to work from a client’s point of view, but it is best for me, as well. I did two dozen returns one week working from my home office in Venice Beach.

If you need your return processed and are fine with working through text, picture message me your W2, 1099, or any other information for immediate processing to my cell at (212) 641-0673 or my email at george@nyc-account.com