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This is a common question that I am asked again and again. Your driver’s license will, under normal circumstances, not be examined, retrieved, or investigated by the IRS or any state when filing your returns. The IRS has mountains of work to do, and contacting Alachua County Florida to determine if your license is valid is just not going to happen during a routine tax filing. There simply are not enough government resources for this sort of thing.

However, if you are under a residency audit, some factors that states will examine to determine residency for tax purposes do include the drivers license, as well as:

– Lease being signed & your bona fide residency being established elsewhere
– Any possible reciprocity agreements between states (for instance CA and OR, or DC and MD)
– Drivers license, utility bills, etc.

Make sure to have your license, but if the state asks you to substantiate that you live in FL and if all your banking activity is done at the Wells Fargo in Bethesda, Maryland, then the registration of your driver’s license may not be too helpful. Make sure to have a lease signed where you plan on filing and have other corroborating evidence if you feel that it may be an issue.

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