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This is a common question that I am asked again and again. Your driver’s license will not be examined, retrieved, or investigated by the IRS in any way. The IRS has mountains of work to do, and contacting Alachua County Florida to determine if your license is valid there when they suspect you may live in Virginia now is just not going to happen. There simply are not enough government resources for this sort of thing.

Our Hollywood culture has led us all to believe that there is some sort of interconnected mega-database that once you have a VA driver’s license, the IRS will somehow be linked to the VA department of motor vehicles and from there will somehow discover that your Texas or FL tax-free filing was erroneous. Furthermore, I have been asked repeatedly by many if one state will know if your car is registered in another. None of these matters have anything to do with taxes. One state’s DMV has enough work to do on their own rather than coordinate with their respective department of revenue to cross check each other’s database against each other states’ department of revenue to see if James Williamson DOB 07/13/1973 has a license registered in another county in another state. Add further to this absurdity the fact that each of these government agencies are entirely fragmented and hardly talk to each other even if they are the next county over. And add further that each one is still running a DOS-based legacy system that is hardly connected to any sort of external network.

If you are concerned about being caught evading tax laws, your driver’s license should be the least of your worries. Make sure to have your license, but if the IRS asks you to substantiate that you live in FL and if all your banking activity is done at the Wells Fargo in Bethesda, Maryland, then the registration of your driver’s license may not be too helpful. Make sure to have a lease signed where you plan on filing and have other corroborating evidence if you feel that it may be an issue.