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NYC Accountant George Dimov: Worry-Free Financial Management

Trust Us For Any And All NYC Accounting Needs

New York City boasts a population of a staggering 8.6 million people — simply finding the best bakery leads you to dozens (if not hundreds) of options, each claiming to be the best. However, we’re not talking about something as frivolous as breakfast treats; this is your money, and you want to be sure you’ve found the best accountants in NYC to handle it all. We’re confident that you’ll be more than satisfied with the help offered by George Dimov and his team of financial experts.

Possessing over a decade of experience in the accounting and taxation fields, Dimov is qualified to consult and assist in a variety of industries. Whether you’re an individual looking to save as much as possible on your taxes or you represent a massive corporation with piles of financial documents to sort through, we’re not only proud — we’re happy to help. Trust your NYC accounting to George Dimov and his team, and let the stress of tax season pass you by.

Let Us Handle All Your NYC Accounting Needs

We believe that everybody and every business deserves the best financial treatment available. Taxes are no fun: with laws changing every year and overwhelming amounts of financial documents to organize, fiscal responsibility becomes as complicated as it is confusing. It can be easy to miss out on big tax breaks or end up paying the state or federal governments more than you need to, so we want to make things easier on you.


George Dimov’s experience in individual taxation, corporate taxation, M&A consulting, technology, buy & sell-side finance, biotech, retail analysis, real estate accounting NYC, and manufacturing guarantee that you’re saving as much money as possible all while following the legal mandates set in place.

A Multi-Cultural NYC Accounting Firm

New York City was (and still is) the gateway to America. Boasting cultures and languages of all kinds, the Big Apple possesses its own, truly unique atmosphere. Unfortunately, many businesses are unequipped to handle clients from such different backgrounds; George Dimov and his team, however, are proud to offer their services in six different languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, and Bulgarian. These educated NYC accountants can manage all of your financial needs, and with great pride.