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Freshbooks is a clean accounting software that is easy to use and very easy on the eyes. The best thing after a day of looking at quickbooks online is to login to Xero or Freshbooks. In order to do your schedule c tax return (or s corp), simply export your P&L and plug in the categories into your schedule C. This software is used frequently with freelancers. One of my clients, a media agency, uses freshbooks to reconcile their invoices. Using this software is a breeze and I highly recommend.

Here are some basic steps:

  • Login to freshbooks. Freshbooks also has functionality where you can invite your accountant to do your taxes. Many of my clients simply share their freshbooks with me and I take it from there
  • Run the “Profit and Loss” report for the taxable year in question
  • Use the categories to fill in your schedule c, 1120, or 1065 return: